SINA Bank in brief

  • The Group today: First financial group of zone CORIAE.
  • Group financier 100% private.
  •  More de1 800 collaborators in 10 countries.
  • Leader on the market Of the strong brands in the trades of the Commercial bank, Investment bank, Financial services Specialized and Insurance.
  • Certified ISO9001 version 2008 for its system of environmental management.

First financial actor has to have signed the World Pact of the Uniesvisant Nations to promote sustainable development through the defense of the human rights, the safeguarding of the environment and the fight against corruption.
Five values guide the actions of the women and the men of the SINA Group: work, integrity, transparency, responsibility and team spirit.
As a solid international group, two principal criteria guide our action: the performanceetla solvency. We consequently fixed at 15% minimum our test of solvency, namely the relationship between equities of the group and the total of the commitments assessment and except assessment.

2014: vision of efficiency
Since 1985, Group SINA chose a model of management based on projects of one 5 years duration old company. With this operating process by project of company, we knew to create a great banking, solid and perennial group, worthy of your waitings and of your commitment.
Thus, our two previous projects of company made it possible the Group to initiate a total approach of dynamic evolution and permanent progress, by focusing our efforts on a allied durable growth with a control of the risks. By doing this, our teams endeavoured each day to ensure a quality of service the customer.
According to these strategic organizations, we prepared the transformation of our Group into an actor of reference on his markets, an actor always more innovating and with the distinctive brand.
While being based on our financial solidity, on our culture of strong company of more than 40 years of history, we built a coherent model, integrated and centered on the customer. Our Group carries out a strategy of commercial conquest founded on the expansion to international as well as the development of offer of products and adapted services.
Present currently in 10 countries and strong of 20 companies, Group SINA became an international financial group multi-trades.
Today we do not make solely any more of the bank of the Companies, but also the Private bank, the Bank of Detail, the Investment bank, Leasing, factoring, the Transfer of money, the micro credit and the Insurance. The change of dimension of the group is thus a reality, and our ambition is of going even further.
On May 7th, during our general meeting, we announced a new project of company intended to you to transform even more our group and to cross another threshold of growth.
This ambitious project and realistic, called Excellence 2020, aims at building a banking group with the service of the world. This new project is in phase with the constraints which characterize the financial circle, but more especially, with the potential which the Group conceals, namely, wealth of expert testimonies and the talents.
Excellence 2020 opens prospects, fixed for new challenges and will enable us to maintain our course towards excellence. It is declined in 4 axes:
The axis Commercial Excellence is directed customers and trades; the Group considers being the bank of reference for all the particular customers, companies and financial institutions while answering more effectively the current requests of its various shareholders, partners and customers, by in particular improving his offer of products. It will be a question of innovating to adapt our products and services to the trends of tomorrow.